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Top 10 Children’s Charities

Whether it is poverty or starvation or cancer, the people who are most vulnerable to any issue that plagues society are the young. Children also face unique challenges over which they often have little control or even understanding. Thankfully, there are many children’s charities that support them with all kinds of issues. Here are ten of our favorites.

Food: No Kid Hungry

“No child should go hungry” is the primary belief of this campaign by the nonprofit Share Our Strength. Launched in 2010, No Kid Hungry provides supplies, technical support, and a financial boost to existing programs for feeding children in communities all over the United States.

Donations go towards programs that provide such services as breakfast, lunch, and afterschool meals for students. No Kid Hungry also offers education on nutrition and advocates on behalf of these programs and hungry or malnourished children everywhere.

Clothing: Cradles to Crayons

As of this writing, Cradles to Crayons operates in three major metropolis areas: Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Many families in these cities make too little money to afford more than the bare necessities. This charity’s mission is to provide the children in these families with clothing, coats, school supplies, and toys.

Cradles to Crayons collects donated new or nearly new items and packages them in the city’s respective warehouse, which they call “The Giving Factory.” They then distribute the packages to families in need.

Education: Save the Children

Save the Children is large enough to take up many causes related to the well-being of children simultaneously, and on a worldwide scale. Among their global programs is one that focuses on providing high-quality education.

Save the Children’s Global Education drive addresses early childcare and development, as well as basic education. Other programs under this umbrella focus on teaching health courses, researching the effectiveness of education techniques, and restoring learning environments after humanitarian crises. Millions of children in more than 100 countries benefit from the work of Global Education.

Poverty and Homelessness: StandUp for Kids

StandUp for Kids started in San Diego in 1990 and has since expanded to eighteen cities throughout the United States. According to the “Who We Are” page, the nonprofit strives to “empower homeless and at-risk youth toward lifelong personal growth.”

The people behind StandUp for Kids are more ambitious than other companies. They seek to not simply provide a bandage but to provide solutions for the societal problem of youth homelessness. They reach out to people in need, provide support, and help them reach their goals.

Abuse: Prevent Child Abuse America

Parental abuse of children, child sexual abuse, and bullying are just a few of the problems that haunt the lives of too many kids in the United States. Prevent Child Abuse America has worked to protect children for almost half a century. The organization was a pioneer in raising awareness and currently has chapters across 48 states.

Prevent Child Abuse America is notable for operating Healthy Families America, a support program whose members visit the homes of more than 100,000 families. They claim that these visits significantly cut down on mistreatment, make families more self-sufficient, and boost child safety and health.

Disabled Children: my AFK

Children and young people with physical and/or learning disabilities face unique challenges while growing up. The volunteers for my AFK (which means “Action for Kids”) help them “lead the life they choose.” To that end, they focus on assisting them in achieving their goals.

This UK-based organization is designed not just for kids, but for people up to 25 years of age. This means they not only help them with their education but also help them find employment and volunteering opportunities after completing their schooling. Additionally, my AFK gives mobility equipment to families whose children need the boost.

Mental Health: The Child Mind Institute

The Child Mind Institute conducts extensive research into child mental health; specifically disorders. Their extensive studies serve to provide reliable information to families and educators, typically in the form of online guides.

Millions of kids have been diagnosed with mental health disorders and struggle with finding adequate treatment. Many more remain undiagnosed, partly because adults do not take their issues seriously or view them as just part of being a kid. The Child Mind Institute helps people understand these problems and make life easier for their children.

Cancer: Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Alexandra “Alex” Scott lived for only eight years. In that time, she beat cancer twice, raised a million dollars for cancer research through lemonade stands, and left an incredible legacy. She lives on in the foundation named for her and her annual fundraiser.

Today, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation continues to financially support research into childhood cancer cures and families living with childhood cancer. Their goal is to help bring about the day when children like Alex Scott can permanently beat the disease and live their fullest lives.

Playgrounds and Activities: KaBOOM!

Low-income communities are not always the safest places for children to play, leaving the children who live in these communities at a disadvantage. Of course, kids will be kids and try to play outside no matter what — but in certain places, that can be dangerous.

KaBOOM! is a nonprofit whose volunteers create and rehabilitate “playspaces” around the country. Kids can be kids in these special locations without them or their parents having to worry. Their efforts include restoring playspaces in disaster areas.

Military Kids: Our Military Kids

When a parent is away from home to serve in the military, their family, especially the children, could use any support they can get. Our Military Kids gives grants to families so their children can participate in activities they could enjoy, such as sports, martial arts, and music.

This charity started in 2005, shortly after many thousands of Americans were sent off to fight wars in the Middle East. It began in West Virginia and soon spread all over the United States, covering activities for 66,000 children.

How Else Can You Help?

All ten of these organizations make an incredible effort to assist as many kids as possible. Their work has kept so many children from falling through the cracks, ensuring a better future not just for them but for the world. If you want to contribute, they are always asking for donations of money. They are also always looking for volunteers who can donate their time and campaign on behalf of the kids.

Yet another way you can help is by shopping here on No Love 4. We gave ourselves this name because we have no love for poverty, or starvation, or cancer, or any other problems mentioned in this article. Every cent you spend on our store goes directly to your choice of a children’s charity. We sincerely hope our list helps you with this decision.