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NoLove4 was created because of our love of children. We are a t-shirt company with a bigger purpose. We donate our profits to charitable children’s organizations all over the world. Whether they need food, clothing, or education, our company wants to help. But our heart behind it all is not only to donate money but also to help give these children's charities a voice.

Our Sole Purpose Is To Raise Money For Children’s Charities

Unlike many other online t-shirt and clothing stores which operate purely to turn a profit, NoLove4 just wants to make a difference in the world. Money from every single purchase goes to support all kinds of children’s charities. Below are ten charities that NoLove4 supports. 

  • When you purchase a shirt from our site and select No Kid Hungry as your charity of choice, this organization is given the opportunity to provide more breakfast, lunch, and afterschool meals for students of low-income families. No Kid Hungry also speaks out in their community by offering educational programs on childhood nutrition.
  • Cradles to Crayons’ mission to provide children with clothing, coats, school supplies, and toys tha their families may not be able to afford. They are speaking out and advocating for families in need. Children frequently outgrow clothes and toys, so this organization seeks to reduce the costs of having to frequently replace these items by collecting and distributing these items free of charge. 
  • Save the Children proclaims their heart for children with a global education program that addresses early childcare and development, as well as basic education. Other programs focus on teaching personal health and hygiene, researching the effectiveness of education techniques, and restoring learning environments after humanitarian crises.
  • StandUp for Kids speaks out against youth homelessness. They promise not just to simply provide a bandage, but to provide long-term solutions for the societal problem of youth homelessness. They speak to children and youth in need, provide support services, and help them reach their life goals.
  • Prevent Child Abuse America promotes awareness and provides training classes that have significantly cut down on instances of child abuse, made families more self-sufficient, and boosted child safety and health.
  • myAFK which stands for Action for Kids speaks up for disabled children and young adults to lead the life they choose. This charitable organization focuses on assisting program participants in achieving their life and career goals. They also give mobility equipment to families whose children need them.
  • The Child Mind Institute conducts extensive research into childhood mental health, specifically mental health disorders. Millions of kids have been diagnosed with mental health disorders and struggle with finding adequate treatment. Many more remain undiagnosed, partly because adults do not take their issues seriously or view them as just part of being a kid. They are giving a voice to these children who have traditionally been ignored or misunderstood.
  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation speaks up by financially supporting research into childhood cancer treatment and cures as well as support programs for families living with childhood cancer. Their main goal is to help bring about the day when children can permanently beat the disease and live their fullest lives.
  • KaBOOM! is a nonprofit organization whose volunteers create and rehabilitate play spaces around the country in low-income areas where safety is a concern. Kids can be kids in these special locations without their parents having to worry about broken or outdated play equipment. Their efforts also include restoring play spaces in disaster-affected areas.
  • Our Military Kids gives grants to deployed or overseas military families so their children can participate in activities such as sports, martial arts, and music lessons. This organization believes that allowing military children to have access to these classes and camps can help them cope with the challenges of military life.
  • Raise The Voice of These Children’s Charities With Your Purchase

    Did you know that during check out on NoLove4’s website, you can actually choose which of these charities you want the profit from your purchase to be donated to? You can personally help each of these charities find and amplify their voice. When you purchase from our online clothing store, you can discover new charities every time.

    Click on each charity’s link to learn more about that charity’s story. Then speak up for them. Share their mission with your friends and family. When one of these charities receives donations from NoLove4, we are helping them increase their reach and affect more children and families. The charities can use the donations from NoLove4 to help lift their own voice by increasing marketing, funding outreach programs, and helping more families directly.

    The Gift of Publicity

    When you buy gifts for others from NoLove4, you spread the word about these charities. You give them an opportunity to speak into more children’s lives. Did you know you can even create your own custom shirts or hoodies at NoLove4 with no minimum purchase amount? Help raise the voice of your favorite children’s charity by creating a custom shirt that supports their mission.

    NoLove4 was created to lift up the voices of the voiceless. Our store was created purely out of our love of children. We are created for our love of ALL children’s charities. We were created to uplift each and every child and the advocate behind them. We donate our profits to children’s charities all over the world to stand behind them, to bear the burden with them, and to give them the funding to voice their mission. In doing so, we help them fulfill their mission.

    We think of ourselves as the ones in the background handing them the microphone before they go out on stage. You can pass the mic too and support these children’s charities by shopping here on NoLove4. Help us pass the mic and lift their voice by making a purchase on NoLove4’s website.