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Here Are 6 Ways To Help Your Local Charities & Businesses

Development begins locally. Local is very important for an economy to eventually thrive, first on a micro and eventually on a macro level. As most countries have been hit hard by the current Pandemic, economies are rapidly draining out, therefore impacting the livelihood of many of us. The ones to have taken the brunt the most are small and local business owners. Bearing the burden of not being able to pay rents, salaries and in some cases, even loans, they need your support. 

Local businesses also facilitate the innovation and growth that may be required for a local economy to thrive. Charities nurture communities around the year, but in the current situation it is our responsibility to nurture charities and support them in order to sustain the economy and our livelihood. Therefore, as a society, it is essential for us to stand together and help these organisations stay strong and keep going during these times.

Here are some ways that will enable you to lend a helping hand in keeping these businesses afloat!

Become a Volunteer: 

Offering your time and useful assistance in initiatives like mentoring someone, cleaning your area, reporting against local vandalism and crime and many other services lubricates a smoother functioning of your immediate society and eventually the economy. Offer help to senior citizens, providing basic assistance in household and outdoor chores is the need of the hour. If each one of us, with ample time, earmarks a part of the week to wholesome volunteer work, we can do good to the community in more ways than one.

Donate Things: 

If you lead a busy life and are unable to contribute in terms of time or money, making contributions in terms of your unused possessions can really help someone in need. With so many businesses facing a financial setback, a contribution in kind from your end will definately be appreciated. Many times we tend to have hoarded things that we may not use or may have forgotten about. You can now share your possessions that are in a good condition with charitable institutions and people who may need it more than you do.

Support Local Businesses: 

Many countries have brought about an economical surge for themselves by promoting local or home grown businesses and products. Buying or promoting products that have been produced locally enables monetary circulation within your economy, thus preventing an outflow of resources to multinational corporations and International brands. The economic graph for many countries has seen a positive push owing to this approach. Many local brands also offer a transparent product process/flow, therefore ensuring safe and healthy products. For example, using home grown or organic products from your own county/city ensures fresh and safer products. So support local brands and products starting today! 

Follow Them On Social Media: 

The internet plays a pivotal role in enhancing the reach and impact of a product or brand. International brands and multinational corporations have encashed their reach and have branched out to the world based on their followership on social media. Ones social media followership implies validation and therefore, serves as data for research to enable expansion. Share the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages of these products that provide information about the product and its availability, write a review for the product on the social media handles and tag friends who might be interested. As a society, we should take initiatives to talk about these local products and share them on our social media handles to help them garner popularity/followership and subsequent sales.

Help Take It Online: 

If you are a developer, digital marketing expert, graphic designer etc, you could lend a helping hand in taking local businesses online and therefore global. This not only enables reaching out to a wider demographic but also geographically enables your local product to reach every nook and corner of the world. Local businesses may not essentially use the most evolved technology and facilities. Leveraging the power of the internet to increase sales will definitely increase numbers for even the smallest of brands. Enabling local businesses to go global also helps in transparency of finances and a much smoother management process. 

Word Of Mouth: 

The most important step to promote your local business is to push it in conversations. Narrating a positive experience with a brand or product leads to organic goodwill. One tends to trust a brand more if someone from their immediate friends circle recommends the product. This helps the business to garner sales locally and a subsequent increase in popularity enables them to maximise sales on a macro level.

The most affected demographic in such trying times are children. Being the most vulnerable section as well makes them very prone to physical and emotional upheaval. However, charitable institutions taking thoughtful initiatives like these, are seamlessly fulfilling their duty towards the community. We must do our part in contributing to them.

The need of the hour is to buy products from your local departmental store in place of choosing branded goods from International brands, to choose organic local produce over imported. In order to succeed as an economy, we need to cement our foundation, which consists of local businesses and organisations. Ensuring the circulation of money within your economy ensures the ultimate economic development of the country. This is possible only when we all understand the impact of this. As a community we can come together and do so much for it’s upliftment. We can contribute emotionally, physically and financially within our capabilities.