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Sharing Is Caring: How Giving Back to the Community Helps

Did you know that the more you give, the more everyone gets—including you?

More specifically, by volunteering for a community cause, or making monetary donations and buying items to raise money for a charity, you can boost your community—and that benefits everyone in it, including you! You'll also potentially pick up some valuable skills along the way while helping others to succeed.

Read on about all the reasons that giving back boosts the entire neighborhood...

Make a Difference Locally

There are a wide number of global charities out there doing good work. And while you can help someone overseas by making a donation, you can actually see the effects by supporting a local charity.

When you give your time or money to a local organization, you can meet the people you're helping. You can also see projects coming to fruition as proof your donations are going to good use. With a charity outside your own country, you may have to rely on newsletters to know about the impact you're making.

Instead of giving to a charity, you could also give your time cleaning up the neighborhood or wiping away graffiti. This may have a positive impact on community safety, while potentially raising property values. However, on the flip side, perhaps you could lend your talents to painting a street mural—which actually has some benefits such as showing off your community's creativity.

Help Create Employment

The vast majority of charities big and small have a core administrative staff. By giving to a local charity, you help sustain these jobs while potentially creating part-time positions (on top of the volunteer positions.)

When more people are employed locally, it boosts the local economy. That also benefits businesses that can hire more staff, and can also contribute by supporting local sports teams, for example.

The good news is also that with a smaller charity that helps kids in a given area, more of your dollars might go directly to the cause than with a multi-national.

Keep Local Services Running

Not every organization that helps families is funded by the government. There are many groups such as children's charities and food banks that locals rely on donations from the community, and without local support, the services would likely disappear.

From organizations that help feed kids to those who help deliver meals to seniors, it is vitally important that these volunteer-led services continue. Take a look at the list of charities in your area to get a better idea of the number of services they provide that you might not be aware of—then choose to help one that you align with most.

Learn and Teach New Skills

You might have a skill that's in high demand by a charity, such as web design or accounting for example. By providing your expertise, you can help take a local charity to the next level while filling a need. You can also pass along your knowledge to others, who can in turn help more organizations.

On the other side of the coin, there's a good chance you will learn a lot by volunteering with an organization as well. You might find yourself learning how to use power tools, or how to use new software. The plus side is that you can pick up a lot of practical skills and knowledge without having to pay for classes!

Opportunity To Meet and Connect With Locals

Giving your time is a great way to meet new people in your neighborhood. That means you will likely meet other volunteers that can help you in your efforts, as everyone is working towards a common goal.

While you can meet the individuals and families that you're benefitting, you can also expand your own social network. If you're not the outgoing type, volunteering is a great way to improve your social skills in a safe and supportive way.

Perhaps more importantly, you can get a first-hand look at the specific challenges of your community and work to raise awareness about them.

Improve Your Health (and The Health of Others)

There is evidence that volunteering can actually benefit your health.

For example, volunteering has been shown to decrease your risk of depression, as it helps keep people out of isolation. This is especially important for seniors, who will also get the health benefits of a volunteer checking in on them for a chat. Social isolation and loneliness have been shown to be one of the leading causes of dementia.

At the same time, by using your specific skills on a volunteer basis, you can help to keep them sharp if you haven't used them much. This also helps to stimulate your brain while giving your physical exercise, both of which can contribute to an overall sense of well being.

There's even some research that points to living a longer life when you give your time selflessly. A study outlines lower mortality rates for those who volunteer for a cause. In addition, those who have chronic illnesses tend to report lesser symptoms when they help others. They also can develop a better sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Of course, you can help ensure the health of kids by supporting a children's charity that focuses on providing them with proper nutrition or shelter.

Make People Happy

Volunteering can actually make you feel happier. It helps to ignite the feel-good chemicals in your brain, which boost your mood. The bonus is that the more you give, the more positive benefit to your happiness.

Here's another bonus: when you smile because you're happy, it's contagious. That means you'll have a positive effect on the mood of other volunteers, and even those you are helping!

Consider Giving Back to Your Community

From making a local impact to providing much-needed services for kids and others in need, your volunteer hours and charitable donations can go a long way.

There's also the added bonus of giving back in that it can help you learn new skills and meet like-minded people. It can boost your health and the well being of others, too!

To learn more about how we help support community children's charities and how you can contribute, contact us today.