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NoLove4 is a custom apparel company on a mission to support children in need both in America and around the world. We offer a variety of screen-printed t-shirts, hoodies, and coffee mugs that you can enjoy yourself or give as a gift. So what makes NoLove4 different from your average online clothing store? Our business was founded with the goal of creating a way for people to give back other than donating cash or time. When you make a purchase through NoLove4, the profits will go directly to one of these amazing children's charities:

  1. No Kid Hungry - Unfortunately child hunger is all too prevalent in America and around the world. By donating to this organization, you are helping to provide a basic necessity to a child in need.

  2. Prevent Child Abuse America - Another sad reality is the number of children facing physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Prevent Child Abuse America is a leading organization fighting to make an impact in the lives of children all over. 

  3. Our Military Kids - This program provides funds to pay for summer camps, sports, and other activities for children of US service members. The military lifestyle can make it hard for children to make friends as they move around, but this program helps give them the opportunity to meet other children and learn a new skill. 

  4. Child Mind Institute - Mental health is something that has long been ignored but is finally getting the attention it deserves. Child Mind Institute offers childhood mental health resources to people like parents, teachers, and other important people in the life of children. 

  5. Cradles to Crayons - As kids grow, they require new clothes and other essential items that can be out of reach for families on limited incomes. This charity provides an assortment of items to children and their families including kids' clothing, toys, books, and more. 

  6. KABOOM! - By building and restoring playgrounds around the country, KABOOM! helps give kids access to safe play areas. The program also uplifts communities by bringing together volunteers and sprucing up neighborhoods. 

  7. Save The Children - This worldwide organization provides a wide variety of assistance to children and their families ranging from medical assistance to educational assistance and so much more. 

  8. my AFK - Also known as Action For Kids, this charitable organization helps children and young adults with disabilities by providing medical equipment, education, training, and other types of support so that they can become more independent. 

  9. Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation For Childhood Cancer - What started as a young girl's idea for a lemonade stand has blossomed into a foundation that brings in millions of dollars for childhood cancer research. 

  10. StandUp for Kids - With homelessness on the rise, this organization is more important than ever. StandUp for Kids utilizes volunteers to offer a variety of support services and outreach programs to homeless children and young adults. 

Something else that sets NoLove4 apart from other stores is that we let our customers choose exactly where their money goes. At checkout, you will choose which of these awesome charities you want your donation to go to. We want to make sure that every customer has a chance to make an impact with an organization that means the most to them. By shopping in our store, you get an amazing product while also helping children in need. Whether you are shopping for yourself, a family member, or a friend, you can feel good about your purchase at NoLove4.

Donate To Reputable Charities Without Worry

These days it seems like there are seemingly endless charities, foundations, and 501(c)(3)s to choose from when it comes to donating your time or money. Some are local, some national, and some international. So how do you decide which ones to give to? You could spend hours researching or you could let us do the work. NoLove4 partners with only reputable children's charities so that you never have to worry about whether your money is being used properly. We've done the research so that you don't have to. NoLove4 has already picked 10 of the best children's charities to work with to make sure that every dollar donated goes to a worthy cause.

Get Involved Without Leaving Your Home

There are many reasons why you may not be able to volunteer at your favorite charity. Maybe it's too far away, or they aren't taking volunteers due to COVID, or you just don't have the time. No matter the reason, we totally understand. But you can still make a difference in the life of a child right from your phone or computer by making a purchase from NoLove4.

Shop At NoLove4 To Make A Difference Today

Over the last year, many people have had to make their money go further due to the pandemic, leaving little extra for charitable giving. We have heard time and time again that people want to be able to donate money but can't fit it in their budget. That's where NoLove4 comes in. When shopping from our store, you are still able to make a difference for children in need and also purchase clothing and other items that you can use or gift.

Browse our growing selection of t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs to find something you are sure to love. In addition to traditional long-sleeve and short-sleeve t-shirt options, our designs come in a variety of mens', womens', and unisex cuts including tank tops, crop tops, muscle tanks, and more. We are constantly adding new designs, so check back often!

Need something custom? We can do that too! NoLove4 offers custom t-shirts that are sure to be a hit for a party, business event, or sports team. Read more about some of the most popular uses for custom t-shirts in our blog. Unlike big companies, we don't require a minimum order for custom t-shirts so if you just need one for yourself, we can make it happen.

No matter which of our products you choose, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase did some good in the world. Happy shopping!